Los Angeles City Council approves extra security for Hollywood sign

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Tourists exploring Los Angeles can't ignore flocking to get as close to the coveted Hollywood sign that overlooks the city, albeit an annoyance to local residents.

But outsiders, tourists and even locals couldn't call a trip to Los Angeles complete without seeing it, which seems to be why City Hall is taking extra precautions to guard it from vandalism this coming new year.

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Los Angeles council member David Ryu, who serves the 4th Council District, which includes Griffith Park, Sherman Oaks and Silver Lake, pushed for extra security to be present at the Hollywood Sign starting Thursday until January 2, 2018.

"The Hollywood Sign is one of the most iconic and world-renowned symbols we have in Los Angeles, and the safety and security of nearby neighborhoods and visitors must remain a top priority," Ryu said in a statement. "Increased police and LADOT presence around the Hollywood Sign is key to ensuring a happy holiday season for all our communities."

Earlier this year, on January 1, the Hollywood sign was vandalized and temporarily read as "Hollyweed." On January 1, 1976, a Cal State Northridge student was the first to do it for a class project.

The sign has gone under numerous changes -- both sanctioned and unsanctioned by the city -- over the years.

The city council approved $68,668 of funding to be used for increased Los Angeles police and Department of Transportation patrols to ease traffic flow, according to a city press release.

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